Sylhan believes in building quality into every part, not inspecting quality into the part. We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team who specializes in the precision machining of refractory and other specialty metals. We pride ourselves on creating true partnerships with our customers. Our quality department will work with our customers to help eliminate inspection time after parts are received by the customer by creating a system to assure high quality. Sylhan’s ability to produce price-competitive, high-quality products adhering 100% to customer specifications, delivered on time and seamlessly integrated into our customer’s supply chain results in significant savings for you. Sylhan holds AS-9100D and ISO-9001:2008 certification and is ITAR compliant. Other systems we have the capability to perform include: SPC, R&R, PPAP, ISO 13485 (Medical), real-time collection data, First Article Reports, 21 CFT Compliance, Control Charts and Process Charts.


Sylhan has a great deal of experience manufacturing critical medical parts used in medical imaging. Our team, which boasts over 200 years of combined experience, prides itself on applying a high level of detail and expertise to each client partnership to ensure parts that are as reliable under pressure as the engineering and manufacturing team. And with our exceptional vendor management inventory system, we’re able to deliver additional volume to you on-time, whenever you need it. From prototype work to high volume production, we welcome any opportunity to serve our customers’ needs in the medical industry.

Medical Expertise & Engineering


Being reliable under pressure means Sylhan produces components that make a big difference in people’s lives. The refractory metals of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum are necessary for critical medical components such as X-ray tubes, radiation shielding and surgical products due to their unique properties and high temperature stability. These metals are also used in shielding harmful radiation because of their high density. Each metal is carefully selected by our experienced team depending on the medical application. Sylhan manufactures precision machined metal components for some of the world’s largest medical imaging companies, and these medical parts are always manufactured defect-free and delivered on time, every time.


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