Sylhan is reliable under pressure and so are the metals we work with. Refractory metals have a melting temperature above 2000°C and maintain their strength at elevated temperatures in a controlled atmosphere or vacuum. These and other characteristics create unique machining challenges. Sylhan’s decades of experience has resulted in a total command of refractory metals including molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and their alloys. Our experience translates to expert machining of other metals such as titanium and aluminum. Our knowledge of each material and its applications lead to precision machined products that are guaranteed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

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Your manufacturer should be expected to deliver a quality product on time with outstanding customer service. Sylhan excels at the basics of manufacturing but what separates us from our competitors is our integrity, third-party logistics, vendor managed inventory programs, and our quick, nimble team that’s able to produce everything from single unit prototype design work to large quantity production runs in a timely fashion. We aim to minimize waste and reduce costs; by doing so we transfer these savings on to our customer. Our team is also focused on design improvements which improve our customers’ yield. These are only a few factors that distinguish Sylhan from others, enabling us to successfully partner with our customers and make us reliable under pressure.

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